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The National Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development

Special report 
Educational programs are key elements in winning community support for sustainability, and schools are a key element within the process of community education and learning. The Australian Government is developing a National Action Plan for Education for Sustainable Development to achieve a more sustainable Australia through community education and learning. The plan will identify a range of strategies and actions to enable the community to contribute to sustainable development, outline tasks for which the Australian Government will take responsibility and provide national leadership in encouraging actions by others. View Article...

Meeting literacy needs of pre-service cohorts

Lew Zipin, Marie Brennan
Student teachers from non-professional backgrounds need more effective literacy training if they are to meet the needs of disadvantaged school students – Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education. View Abstract...

Engaging pedagogies in mathematics and science education

Carol Aldous
The six key issues facing science and mathematics education in Australia point to a need for more contextualised curricula and greater attention to the affective domain – AARE Conference Papers. View Abstract...

STELLA: Can the tooth fairy read English?

Sue Rogers
One primary teacher's participation in the STELLA project helped her and her class to appreciate the breadth and diversity of the reading process – Teacher.View Abstract...

Trajectories of childhood and adolescent resilience

Susan Howard, Bruce Johnson
A study into the factors that build or erode student resilience suggests there is much that schools can do to help their students develop the strength to cope with adversity – AARE Conference Papers.View Abstract...