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This edition of Curriculum Leadership journal is the last for 2007. The next edition is scheduled to appear 8 February 2008. The journal team would like to thank readers for their continuing support, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday break.

Numeracy Framework for Action

Special report 

The Queensland Government’s new action plan, Numeracy: Lifelong Confidence with Mathematics – Framework for Action 2007–2010, aims to equip teachers and schools to teach numeracy across all areas of learning. The framework addresses four elements in improving outcomes for all students: understanding numeracy; teacher knowledge and pedagogy; numeracy across the curriculum; and numeracy leadership.

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Education: a global contest

Dahle Suggett

The global knowledge economy poses challenges for schooling in terms of students' knowledge and skills, the teaching workforce, and student equity – CSE Seminar Series.

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Curriculum mapping

Independent Schools Queensland 
Curriculum mapping documents the curriculum as it operates in schools, helping to improve its effectiveness for teaching and learning – ISQ Briefings. View Abstract...

Beyond crisis: reimagining science education

Russell Tytler
The science curriculum must respond to changes in science, pedagogy and the world that students experience – Teacher.View Abstract...

‘Restoring value’ to the US high school diploma

Jeannie Oakes, W Norton Grubb
The current drive for higher standards in secondary education in the USA is not helping to prepare students effectively for the workforce – Education Policy Research Unit.View Abstract...