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Assessment for Learning

Noni Morrissey
Assessment for learning, or formative assessment, is now internationally acknowledged for its significant contribution to the improvement of student learning and achievement. One of the most effective ways to promote the application of formative assessment is to show it in practice. To this end the Assessment for Learning project provides materials that offer teachers practical applications of the theories surrounding formative assessment for student learning. The project's two new DVDs show teachers in the classroom implementing the findings of the research on formative assessment. View Article...

Quality Australian evidence on leadership

Bill Mulford
The paper considers two models that aim to identify the links between school leadership and improved student outcomes – ACER 2007 Research Conference. View Abstract...

Governance leadership in New Zealand schools

The chairs of school boards in New Zealand have been surveyed about their roles and their developmental needs – Leading and Managing. View Abstract...

Clarifying the purpose of educational assessment

Paul E Newton
The concept of 'assessment purpose' needs to be clarified, and so does the distinction between formative and summative assessment – Assessment in Education.View Abstract...

Improving the quality of contextualised questions

Ayesha Ahmed, Alastair Pollitt
Setting test questions in real world contexts has advantages and dangers – Assessment in Education.View Abstract...