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Expert literacy teaching

Oanh Vindurampulle
Evidence-based research for expert literacy teaching is a new report from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), Victoria. The report summarises current research-based evidence and opinion on how to improve students' literacy skills. It suggests that the challenge for the expert literacy teacher is not to find one approach to literacy teaching for all pedagogical contexts, but rather to draw on elements of various approaches to meet the needs of individual students. View Article...

School leadership and learning: an Australian overview

Phillip McKenzie, Bill Mulford, Michelle Anderson
A review of school leadership in Australia describes current initiatives in professional development – ACER 2007 Research Conference. View Abstract...

Curriculum design for middle level schooling in Australia

Tony Dowden
An integrative student-centred curriculum offers a strong means to enhance academic and affective learning, particularly in the middle school years – The Australian Educational Researcher. View Abstract...

Preventing reading failure

Cecelia Daniels, Anne Chamberlain, Robert E Slavin
The 'Reading Edge' program in the USA helps to lift the reading skills of at-risk adolescents – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...

Reading Rescue

Alan Gross, Bert Flugman, Linnea C Ehri, Lois G Dreyer
A US study has investigated the effectiveness of a tutoring intervention model in improving the literacy levels of early years minority language students – American Educational Research Journal.View Abstract...