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Generation MySpace and the impact of social software

Rod Barker
A range of Web-enabled programs allow users to interact online, sharing material and meeting other users. The new technology raises important issues for educators due to its potential educational value, concerns about potential dangers for young people and the sheer extent to which this technology is permeating modern social life. The article provides background to 'social software' technologies, and describes some of the discussion around them at education.au's Generation MySpace seminar in August this year. View Article...

Instructional leadership and the reactive nature of the principalship

Sheryl Boris-Schacter
A researcher and principal in the USA considers the relationship between management of a school and instructional leadership – ACER Research Conference. View Abstract...

Standards for school leadership: gateway to a stronger profession?

Lawrence C Ingvarson, Michelle Anderson
The paper describes issues involved in setting standards for school leadership and current thinking about how standards should be implemented – ACER Research Conference. View Abstract...

The ACCE position statement on media-enriched learning communities

Deborah Kember, Tony Brandenburg, Angela Murphy
Education systems can promote flexible, student-centred and active learning through the appropriate use of ICT – Australian Educational Computing.View Abstract...

Three school improvement mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Bryan Goodwin, Ceri Dean
Three common traps need to be avoided if schools are to improve outcomes for their students – Changing Schools.View Abstract...