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Science literacy and the school librarian

Peter Macinnis
To scientists, scientific literacy involves possessing a scientific vocabulary, understanding the processes by which scientific enquiry takes place, and having a grasp of the discipline's basic concepts and principles. For practising and practical teachers, scientific literacy is often about getting students to read, understand and view critically something written about science. It may also involve writing about science, equipped with suitable knowledge of scientific vocabulary, processes and concepts. There are a lot of literacies, and most of them come back to being able to think critically in an informed way. View Article...

The nature of science education for enhancing scientific literacy

Jack Holbrook, Miia Rannikmae
The core of goal of school science is to equip students with the scientific literacy they will need as adult citizens – International Journal of Science Education. View Abstract...

Teacher practices and middle-school science achievements

Steven M LaNasa, Elizabeth R Stoddard, Arthur L Odom
Researchers in the USA have compared student-centred and teacher-centred science teaching through a quantitative study of student attitudes and achievement under each approach – International Journal of Science Education. View Abstract...

A roadmap for history's future

Tony Taylor
A leading history educator outlines an approach for the teaching of Australian History at primary and secondary levels – The Age: Education.View Abstract...

Professional development for principals

Neil McCallum
Effective provision of professional development to school principals is a prerequisite to meaningful school improvement – The Australian Educational Leader.View Abstract...