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Taking stock: where are we in the curriculum debate?

Special report 
Curriculum Corporation's 14th annual conference, 21st Century Curriculum: Taking Bearings, focuses on what curriculum should be within the context of current and competing political and stakeholder perspectives about education. Speakers and participants will discuss the state of the current debate and where systems, schools and teachers should direct their efforts. Issues include: curriculum reform; the implications of the interactive World Wide Web for curriculum and pedagogy; the need for equity of access to advanced digital technologies; and how education systems can respond to the challenge of large and diverse schooling environments. View Article...

Does curriculum matter?

Ben Levin
A curriculum that is too large or complex does not meet the real needs of schools or their students – EQ Australia. View Abstract...

Curriculum, capabilities and nation building

Alan Reid
Moves towards a national curriculum should focus on identifying the elements of Australian education that are best addressed nationally – EQ Australia. View Abstract...

The impact of leadership on student outcomes: making sense of the evidence

Viviane Robinson
A major research review in New Zealand has compared the impact of transformational and instructional models of school leadership, and has identified leadership practices with most direct impact on student achievement – 2007 ACER  Research Conference.View Abstract...

Male teachers in the early years

Deborah Jones
Research in England examines the pressures on male teachers and the opportunities they enjoy in early years' contexts – Educational Review.View Abstract...