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Teaching concepts of chance to early years ESL students

Olivia Clarke, Louise  Bowe
This week's article reports on the experience of two Grade 1–2 teachers at Debney Meadows Primary School, Victoria, who introduced mathematical concepts of chance to young students with English as a second language. Many of the children came from refugee backgrounds and had little or no formal school experience. Learning Objects provided by The Le@rning Federation (TLF) were integral to the work, which formed part of a joint project between the TLF and the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. View Article...

Pedagogy innovation and e-learning in primary schools

Jenni Way, Colin Webb
Much of ICT's potential for schools lies in its ability to faciliate new ways to organise learning and ways of thinking about the learning process, but these changes may challenge traditional school cultures – AARE conference papers. View Abstract...

School contexts, teaching contexts and the quality of teaching

Wendy Amosa, Sharon Cooper
Teacher quality and social context interact to exert a strong influence on student achievement – AARE conference papers. View Abstract...

Kick starting school improvement

Graeme Holmes
A survey of school principals has revealed common beliefs about how to effectively initiate school improvement – The Australian Educational Leader.View Abstract...

21st century learning and ICT: what does the research say?

Steve Holden
The Intel Teach program's Essentials Course has been found to stimulate long-term, whole-school improvements – Teacher: the National Education Magazine.View Abstract...