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Personalising Education

Sandra Mahar
This week Curriculum Leadership publishes edited extracts from the report Personalising Education: from research to policy and practice, produced by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria. Personalisation in education has been discussed in research and policy papers for about ten years, as part of a broader movement to make public services more responsive to diverse individual needs. There is substantial evidence that many of the components of personalised learning approaches have been successful in a variety of contexts in Australia and around the world. View Article...

Overview of research on Australian educational leadership 2001–05

Bill Mulford
The author reviews articles on educational leadership appearing in four Australian education journals – ACEL Monograph Series. View Abstract...


John Rosenberg, Michael Kolling, Bruce Quig
Computer games and microworld simulations can be used to teach introductory programming in secondary schools – Professional Educator. View Abstract...

Looking back to look forward

Brian Cambourne, Jan Turbill
Two authors review the history of 'whole language' education in Australia since the 1960s – International Journal of Progressive Education.View Abstract...

'Whole language' and moral panic in Australia

Susanne Gannon, Wayne Sawyer
‘Evidence-based’ rhetoric against whole language teaching avoids key evidence from the PISA studies – International Journal of Progressive Education.View Abstract...