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Grammar knowledge and students’ writing

Janet Fellowes
The teaching of grammar to middle and upper primary students should form part of the process of helping them to write clearly and effectively. In learning about grammar, children develop an understanding of how language works. Grammatical concepts such as word groups, clauses, conjunctions and linking words can become the student’s grammar vocabulary, a metalanguage to inform their writing, reading and dialogue. Work with grammar can always take the student one step further in their ability to produce a quality text. View Article...

Effective teaching practices

Ken Rowe
Debate in Australia over the teaching of reading has raised more general issues about the relative merits of constructivism and direct instruction as teaching methods – Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities. View Abstract...

Synthetic phonics and the teaching of reading

Dominic Wyse, Morag Styles
The balance of research evidence does not support key findings of the Rose Report in England – Literacy. View Abstract...

Curriculum leadership: the importance of alignment

John Craig, Lesley Craig
The move from norm-referenced to standards-based assessment has been a major challenge for educators and poses the need to align curriculum, assessment and pedogogy – Leadership in Focus.View Abstract...

Comparing challenges facing principals in different low-performing schools

Daniel L Duke, Pamela D Tucker, Michael J Salmonowicz, Melissa K Levy
A US study finds that principals in poorly performing primary or middle schools need a combination of generic and customised leadership development – International Studies in Educational Administration.View Abstract...