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Keeping Connected: Young People, Identity and Schooling

Katie Wright, Margaret Robertson
Young people with chronic illness or accident trauma often miss schooling. As a result they struggle to keep up in their studies and can become disconnected from school and important peer relationships. The Keeping Connected project is a significant and multidisciplinary approach to gaining new knowledge about young people in this situation and the professional and institutional practices that support them. It brings together a team of leading education and adolescent health researchers from the University of Melbourne and the Centre for Adolescent Health. View Article...

MindMatters National Teacher Professional Development

Gail Boddy
MindMatters is a national mental health initiative for secondary schools, which uses a whole-school approach to mental health promotion, in order to develop students’ self-confidence, optimism and self-esteem, as well as the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This year a new professional development program has been added to the existing range of MindMatters services. It focuses on training core school staff in the collection and analysis of school-level data on mental health and wellbeing. View Article...

Enhancing the early literacy development of struggling readers

Ian Hay, Ruth Fielding-Barnsley
Children with early reading delays can be helped by having adults reading with rather than to the child – Australian Journal of Language Disabilities.View Abstract...

Can we trust levelled texts?

Brandy Pitcher, Zhihui Fang
Researchers investigate the reliability and quality of levelled texts used for the Reading Recovery program in the USA – Literacy.View Abstract...