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Curriculum Leadership will not be published on 6 July 2007 owing to term breaks in some jurisdictions. The next edition will appear on 13 July 2007.

Critical literacy and the SACE Literacy Strategy

Paul Sommer
This week Curriculum Leadership publishes the second and concluding part of the article 'What do we mean by critical? Implications and opportunities presented by the new SACE Literacy Strategy'. Part one, featured in last week's edition, examined critical literacy as a disposition and in relation to social purposes. Part two examines critical approaches as a framework through which to view, define and practise literacy. View Article...

Comprehension difficulties after Year 4

Gary Woolley
A range of strategies are available to enhance the comprehension skills of readers in the middle and upper primary years – Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities. View Abstract...

Network literacy: the new path to knowledge

Adrian Miles
Network literacy refers to an understanding of the technology and procedures that enable effective interpersonal communication online – Screen Education. View Abstract...

Parents and their children working together: a Scaffolding Literacy case study

Beverley Axford
The Parents as Tutors program in the ACT has consistently been able to show demonstrated improvements in literacy on benchmarked tests – Australian Journal of Language and Literacy.View Abstract...

No longer jobs for life

Peter Carey
Careers advisers in schools need to teach career management skills that reflect the modern realities of working life – EQ Australia.View Abstract...