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Critical literacy and the SACE Literacy Strategy

Paul Sommer
Literacy is not a set of abstract qualities or skills practised independently of the text at hand. It is the investigation of purposes, types of texts and ways of readings, and is profoundly contextual and active. A contemporary definition of literacy should therefore include a critical component. There are three main uses of the word ‘critical’ that are significant in relation to discussion of literacy. The first identifies a particular disposition. The second proposes social action or change as a necessary outcome of a critical approach. The third develops a context for learning. Each has implications for the way a senior secondary course might be constructed and taught. View Article...

Teacher education for effective literacy teaching

Joyce M  Bainbridge
The findings of a study in Canada suggest ways to win student teachers to a constructivist approach to literacy teaching in the primary years – AARE conference papers. View Abstract...

Bullying case may open flood gates

Vera Devai
A landmark court case has underlined the need for schools to develop clear policies toward bullying – Education Review. View Abstract...

Teaching for scientific literacy in the primary classroom

Karen Murcia
Inquiry based learning strategies offer a powerful way of teaching scientific literacy in primary schools, but this approach has a number of implications for teaching – Teaching Science.View Abstract...

Primary teacher knowledge of science concepts and professional development

John DeNobile
The article describes three options for professional development in K-6 Science and Technology – Teaching Science.View Abstract...