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The state of languages education in Australia

Michael Clyne, Anne Pauwels, Roland Sussex
The teaching of languages other than English has been neglected in Australia. Half the children in compulsory education are not being taught a language other than English in a mainstream school. Australia is blessed with resources in a wide range of languages but their utilization is undermined by a dominant monolingual mindset. A language other than English should be compulsory for all students in the compulsory years of education. View Article...

Techno-savvy or just tech-oriented?

Barbara Combes
What does research tell us about the information-seeking behaviour of the 'Net Generation'? – Access. View Abstract...

The role of teachers in languages education

Angela Scarino
The Communicative Language Teaching model, as well as wider models of curriculum and assessment, needs to allow for teachers' roles as interpreters and makers of meaning in the classroom – Babel. View Abstract...

Perceptions of language teaching and learning among Sydney secondary principals

Dawne Yule
A recent survey has investigated the views of 49 principals in Sydney about language programs in their schools – Babel. View Abstract...

Reading in the middle years

Marg Sneddon, Senka King
Two cluster educators in Sunbury, Victoria, have worked with local teachers to make reading a natural part of everyday life for students – Literacy Learning: the Middle Years.View Abstract...

Writing assessment: what would multiliteracies teachers do?

Julie Kerekes, Eunice Jang, Maria José Botelho, Shelley Stagg Peterson
The multiliteracies approach should be applied not only to the teaching of writing but also to its assessment & ndash; Literacy Learning: the Middle Years.View Abstract...