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Learning to be safe

Janette Ryan
A project at Monash University is currently investigating a child-centred approach to child safety. There is great potential for developing child-centred safety education programs in schools that allow young children to make informed decisions about the potential risks and dilemmas involved in everyday actions. Such programs can include the development of curriculum resources that develop children’s cognitive understandings of risk management and aim to develop a whole-school safety culture. View Article...

Former principals reflect on their role exit

Kathy Lacey, Peter Gronn
Ex-principals of government schools in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania voice their reasons for departure, which include dissatisfaction with official sources of support – CSE-IARTV Seminar Series. View Abstract...

Towards integrative curriculum

Kath Murdoch
In primary schools, the concept of the integrated curriculum has acquired greater depth over time – Curriculum Perspectives. View Abstract...

The unhealthy state of play

John Evans
Changes to school play-time policies may be discouraging children’s physical activity levels – Professional Educator. View Abstract...

Maths reform in rural high schools

Aimee Howley, William Larson, Solange Andrianaivo, et al.
A study of rural schools in the USA has explored the implementation of curriculum reform in secondary mathematics – Journal of Research in Rural Education.View Abstract...

A new way forward

Pam Cahir
A unified system for early child care services would be the best means to deal with many problems facing the industry – EQ Australia.View Abstract...