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True blue Geography

Bill Pritchard, Nick Hutchinson
Geography’s broad-ranging ambitions and scope, often seen as its weakness, should rather be a model for how we research and teach in the complex world of the twenty-first century. With a bit of imagination in the curriculum, Years 9-10 Geography in particular could be seen as a field of study central to national and global environmental and social futures. Teaching and research about Geography in Australia has traditionally had a rich intellectual edge. Re-energizing this edge, starting with the review of relevant high school curricula, should be a national educational priority. View Article...

Strengthening our Community: Building a Sustainable Future

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
APEC - Strengthening our Community: Building a Sustainable Future is a school curriculum resource written for teachers and students of Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE), the Humanities and English. It will promote a deeper understanding of the Asia-Pacific region and Australia's links with it in Australia's year as host of the APEC forum. View Article...

What do we mean by 'critical'?

Paul Sommer
The SACE literacy strategy in South Australia draws on three key conceptions of the term – Opinion.View Abstract...

Teachers' beliefs that matter in secondary mathematics classrooms

Kim Beswick
Two experienced secondary mathematics teachers reveal the beliefs that underlie their success in creating very different, but equally effective, constructivist learning environments – Educational Studies in Mathematics.View Abstract...