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Searching for disruptive pedagogies

John G Hedberg
E-learning has enabled the more efficient recording and transmission of curriculum to learners, changing the contexts of teacher and student interactions and effectively enabling every institution to become a potential provider of distance learning. In general, however, the uses of ICT in today’s classrooms are restricted to traditional teaching approaches. The success of e-learning will depend on a revolutionary move away from replicating traditional classroom-based teaching practices. It is important to explore the capacity of ICT for enabling learners to construct their own understanding of phenomena. View Article...

Daring to trust: beyond risk minimisation in schools

Lee-Anne Perry
Effective risk management recognises the competence of on-the-spot leaders, and the need for them to exercise judgement in each new context that arises – Professional Educator. View Abstract...

Teacher beliefs and constraints in implementing a context-based approach in chemistry

Donna King
Leading teachers in Queensland describe their experiences with a new approach to chemistry teaching at Year 11 and 12 level – Teaching Science. View Abstract...

Recruitment and retention of effective teachers at hard to staff schools

Suzanne Rice
Techniques to attract and retain highly effective teachers in hard-to-staff schools have been investigated in a recent Victorian study – Teacher.View Abstract...

Breakthrough classroom instruction

Michael Fullan, Peter Hill, Carmel Crevola
A breakthrough in classroom instruction is within reach, based on close monitoring of the progress and needs of individual students – CSE Seminar Series.View Abstract...