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A measurement framework for national key performance measures

With the aim of driving school improvement and enhanced outcomes for students, Ministers responsible for school education have agreed to report on progress towards the achievement of the National Goals for Schooling in a range of priority areas, comparable by State and Territory. The current Framework sets out a basis for reporting progress towards the achievement of the National Goals by Australian school students, drawing on the agreed definitions of Key Performance Measures. View Article...

Towards national consistency

Susan Mann
Collaboration to achieve more national consistency in student learning offers an important chance to enhance the quality, transparency and integration of Australian school education – EQ Australia. View Abstract...

The case for an ACE

Geoff Masters
An Australian Certificate of Education could reduce duplication, offer more national consistency in educational expectations and standards, and provide greater comparability in student results – EQ Australia. View Abstract...

Improving learning

David Axworthy
WALNA is a system level initiative which has closely involved teachers, principals, district directors and central executives in decision making about data collection in schools – Professional Educator. View Abstract...

Who are the beneficiaries of our educational research?

Peter Sullivan
Education researchers should address issues of concern to policy makers and practitioners, and should try to forsee the positive and negative impact of their work – AARE 2005 conference.View Abstract...

Confections of apartheid

Jonathan Kozol
Faced with informal but deepening racial segregation, under-resourced schools serving blacks and Hispanics in the USA are openly emulating military methods, and setting low improvement targets for their students – Phi Delta Kappan.View Abstract...