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National Statement for Languages Education in Australian Schools

Ministers of Education are committed to the vision of quality languages education for all students, in all schools, in all parts of the country. We believe that through learning languages our students and the broader Australian community gain important benefits. Realising this vision will require quality programs and quality teachers. Quality teachers need supportive conditions including opportunities for ongoing professional learning. Effective languages programs also require whole school support, particularly from school leaders and the involvement of the wider community. View Article...

The new teacher education

Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Education scholars should be 'public intellectuals' taking a stand against teacher education policies that do not serve the interests of many students – Education Researcher. View Abstract...

Reading for pleasure, reading critically

Terry Hayes
Public attacks on critical literacy teaching have focused on the less successful efforts to implement it, but when taught effectively it fosters analytical skills and enjoyment of reading among students – Idiom. View Abstract...

A proposal for a schooling research network

Peter Cuttance
Over the next decades the Knowledge Society will demand a swift increase in overall student learning outcomes. Addressing this demand will require the creation of a research network that links researchers, policy makers and practitioners – AARE 2005 conference.View Abstract...

SES and academic achievement

Selcuk R Sirin
The links between socioeconomic status and student academic results in the USA is examined in a meta-analysis of research literature – Review of Educational ResearchView Abstract...