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Literacy – the Key to Learning

Special report 
The Queensland Government has launched a new blueprint to boost student literacy skills in government state schools. Literacy  – the Key to Learning: Framework for Action 2006–2008 is to provide P–9 classroom teachers with intensive training in the teaching of literacy, including the teaching of reading, grammar and spelling. The Framework for Action identifies key priorities and areas for focused action around teacher professional development, literacy in the curriculum, student learning, and leadership. View Article...

HSC English in the media

Kelli McGraw
In New South Wales, a revised HSC English syllabus was introduced in 1999. The inaccuracies and silences in newspaper reportage of the reform raises questions about the media’s impact on public opinion – English in Australia. View Abstract...

Maths education and the computer paradigm

Alexander Khait
Computers affect mathematics teaching by raising demands for new skills, altering the difficulty levels of different topics, and offering concrete, real world applications for concepts that were formerly very abstract – For the Learning of Mathematics View Abstract...

English, research and professionalism

Sue Brindley
Teacher professionalism is more about the capacity for independent judgement than accountability to centrally set curriculum and assessment – English in Australia.View Abstract...

Differentiating instruction in physical education

Shelley Paul Smith
By differentiating physical education lessons, teachers can more effectively accommodate students' individual abilities, interests and the different timelines of an individual student’s development – JOPERD.View Abstract...