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This edition of Curriculum Leadership journal is the last for 2006. The next edition is scheduled to appear 2 February 2007. The journal team would like to thank readers for their continuing support, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday break.

Australian Directions in Indigenous Education 2005–2008

Despite some improvement in recent years, Indigenous students are still far from achieving educational equity with their non-Indigenous counterparts. Demographic pressures mean urgent action is needed to better engage Indigenous students and their communities in formal education. The Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs has agreed to a number of recommendations to improve Indigenous outcomes from early childhood through to post-compulsory education, including strategies for building teaching and school leadership capacity and community partnerships. View Article...

Models of policy development in Aboriginal education: issues and discourse

Quentin Beresford, Jan Gray
Policy in Indigenous education needs to move beyond ad hoc approaches, and integrate the discrete but potentially complementary models used at present  – Australian Journal of Education. View Abstract...

Curriculum reform in secondary school biology, NSW

Wilhelmina  Van Rooy
Two experienced teachers describe the practical issues they have faced in implementing a new Biology syllabus for Years 11 and 12 – AARE Conference 2005. View Abstract...

Forward to New Basics

Lesley Friend
The New Basics Project is an innovative teaching and learning framework for Years 1–10 operating in approximately 60 public schools in Queensland – EQ Australia.View Abstract...

Creating a culture of innovation

Martin Richards
The ASISTM Project funds local initiatives aimed at improving teaching and learning in science, maths and technology – EQ Australia.View Abstract...