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Is Australia on the right path towards Sustainability?

Daniella Tilbury
A National Review of Environmental Education and its Contribution to Sustainability in Australia is a five-volume series produced by the Australian Research Institute in Education for Sustainability (ARIES). Volume 2 focuses on school education. It addresses the need to integrate sustainability content into the curriculum, and the need for whole school approaches to learning for sustainability. Rather than simply focusing on action elements of the curriculum, there is a need to move toward a participatory approach based on equity, sharing, listening, reflection, co-learning, negotiation, critical thinking, cooperation, collaboration, trust, futures-orientation and democracy. View Article...

Science education and health education

Jennifer K. Harrison
Science teachers have a crucial role to play in school health education, imparting specialist content knowledge and skills for rational decision making – Studies in Science Education. View Abstract...

Climate education

Camila Schreiner, Ellen Henriksen, Pal J Kirkeby Hansen
A range of obstacles need to be overcome in order to teach students effectively about climate change – Studies in Science Education. View Abstract...

Breaking through to reluctant readers

Bill Clarke
A disadvantaged school in the USA has found  ways to motivate previously disengaged students to read – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...

Evolution of mathematics students

Neil Roberts
Students' recreational use of ICT hinders their learning in some ways and presents challenges to maths teachers, but ICT can be usefully employed to engage middle years' students in the maths classroom – Vinculum.View Abstract...