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Rubrics in assessment

John Gough
A rubric is a way of assessing what an individual student has learned about a particular topic. It is a weighted or quantified checklist, a slightly elaborated and tabulated way of collecting and using learning outcomes, usually augmented by exemplars of observable behaviours. It lists sub tasks within an activity, with graded descriptions of how well a student can do or has learned them. Rubrics have an obvious potential in terms of cognitive learning, and possible applications to the assessment of affective learning and the development of students’ attitudes and values. View Article...

Literacy assessment, New Zealand style

Thomas R. Guskey, Jeffrey K Smith, Lisa F Smith, Terry Crooks, Lester Flockton
New Zealand’s National Educational Monitoring Project is a comprehensive testing program designed to improve teaching and learning through formative assessment – Educational Leadership. View Abstract...

Challenging corporate type performance measures in State schools

Kay Bishop, Brigid Limerick
School performance is best measured by educators who understand the local context, if they have a good grasp of how to analyse data and monitor their own practices – Leading and Managing. View Abstract...

Critical literacy, or just clear thinking

Kevin Donnelly
Current advocates of critical literacy are simply re-badging 'clear thinking' under a left-wing political banner – Teacher.View Abstract...

What low-performing schools can teach high-performing schools

Richard F. Elmore
High-performing schools in disadvantaged settings often demonstrate impressive qualities that offer useful pointers to schools serving wealthier communities – JSD.View Abstract...