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Re-engaging disadvantaged youth through school science

David Lake, Kellie Stemp, Andrew Malloch
A research project in Townsville, northern Queensland, is investigating ways to re-engage disadvantaged students with their schooling. The study, concerned with students at lower secondary level, will focus on science, a subject that can raise particular problems for students who are already disengaged from school. The project is a collaboration between academics at James Cook University and staff of Edmund Rice Education’s Flexible Learning Centres, and will run from the end of 2006 until the end of 2009. View Article...

Discussion of socio-scientific issues: the role of science knowledge

Jenny Lewis, John Leach
Carefully designed teaching can equip secondary school students to give reasoned commentaries on social issues involving science – International Journal of Science Education. View Abstract...

Assessment for learning: some lessons from Queensland

Bob Lingard, Martin Mills, Debra Hayes
The findings of the QSRSL, a major longitudinal study of teaching and assessment in Queensland, 2001, points to a need for assessment that is more intellectually demanding of lower secondary students, and more closely connected to their life experiences – International Studies in the Sociology of Education. View Abstract...

Teacher recruitment and retention

Cassandra M Guarino, Lucrezia Santibañez, Glenn A Daley
A review of research on teacher recruitment and retention suggests that the benefits gained from teaching must outweigh the benefits available elsewhere in order to attract quality teachers to the profession – Review of Educational Research.View Abstract...

Safety net or free fall: the impact of preservice teacher mentors

Stacey Duffield
As low retention rates bring teacher preparation programs under scrutiny, the relationship between preservice teachers and their field experience mentors needs to be addressed – Teacher Development.View Abstract...