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Curriculum Leadership will not be published on 29 September or 6 October 2006 owing to term breaks in some States. The next edition will appear 13 October 2006.

Our 15–19 year olds: opportunities and choice

Department of Education and Training, New South Wales
The New South Wales Government has launched a new strategy covering students from Year 9 to Year 12, which aims to keep them engaged and interested in learning and to give them more options as they prepare for life after school. The strategy combines a broader range of subject choices, increased careers education down to Year 9 level, extensive use of ICT, and access to advanced courses and expert, university-style lectures. View Article...

A school library's role in implementing VELS

Elaine Kulinski, Maureen  Allen
The Victorian Essential Learning Standards seek to prepare students for a world that is complex, rapidly changing, ICT rich, increasingly globalised and demanding in terms of high-order thinking. School libraries are well placed to work with a curriculum such as VELS, which combines subject-based and interdisciplinary content. This year, library staff at St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College have been closely involved with the introduction of VELS at the school. View Article...

Science in school and society

Russell Tytler, David Symington
Science students need to learn thinking and communication skills, and be aware of the social dimensions of the discipline, through deep involvement with scientists in real working situations – Teaching Science.View Abstract...

Invest in school libraries

Sue Spence
School libraries are well placed to make a major contribution to student achievement when their work is supported by school leaders and aligned with teachers' work – Access.View Abstract...