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Mentoring in early years' literacy classrooms

Margaret Sankey, Susanne Rogers, Nikki  Kirkland
In South Australia an innovative program of mentor teachers is providing school-level leadership for a State-wide thrust to improve literacy in the early years. Established in 2005, the mentoring program promotes professional learning and leadership in disadvantaged schools with three or more junior primary classes. View Article...

Outcomes-based education: reform faces uncertain outcome

Mike Middleton
Australian education is 'awkwardly suspended between an industrial past and a post-industrial future', as norm-referenced grading clashes with the drive to lift performances of all students – Teacher. View Abstract...

What we know and don't know about improving low-performing schools

Daniel L Duke
Researchers need to dig deeper to identify the reasons why some struggling schools have been able to overcome their problems, and locate the subtle, informal, and localised ingredients of success – Phi Delta Kappan. View Abstract...

Starting school - why girls are already ahead of boys

Differences in the preschool and peer group experiences of girls and boys may account for girls’ higher level of academic achievement – Teacher Development.View Abstract...

The trouble with multiple intelligences

John White
Multiple Intelligences theory teaches us little that could not be learnt with common sense, and may even be detrimental to student learning – Teaching Geography.View Abstract...