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Educating for a smaller world

Ron Hoenig
A project to internationalise the South Australian curriculum is currently underway. It embraces curriculum change, new opportunities for students and staff, community engagement, commercial issues, quality assurance and interagency collaboration. A significant part of the internationalisation process is a focus on Asia. Internationalisation of the curriculum includes appreciation of Australia’s geographic situation, the value of language learning, and the need for Australian students to learn about other countries’ cultures and politics, in particular those of our largest trading partners. View Article...

Differential teacher attention to boys and girls

Robyn  Beaman, Kevin Wheldall, Coral Kemp
A literature review examines three decades of debate about the relative treatment of boys and girls in the classroom, finding that teachers' actions are primarily determined by student behaviour rather than by gender bias – Educational Review. View Abstract...

The National Numeracy Strategy in England

Julia Anghileri
An evaluation of England's National Numeracy Strategy for primary students finds modest and uneven gains in students' skills in mathematical division. Girls showed less improvement than boys, but responded well to the new 'chunking' method for calculating division – Oxford Review of Education. View Abstract...

Dilemmas and contradictions of the 'partnership' model in England's schools

Anne Sinkinson
A case study of an English Specialist School provides valuable pointers for schools entering partnership arrangements – Improving Schools.View Abstract...

Am I a teacher or a nurse-maid?

Brian Hill
Values education and the promotion of student wellbeing are closely linked, and teachers’ own wellbeing must be supported as they deal with these issues – Education Quarterly.View Abstract...