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Teaching and Learning Difficulties: Cross-curricula Perspectives

ACER review 
This educational guidebook identifies potential obstacles to student learning, in terms of curriculum and teaching methods, and relates them to research findings into students’ views of 'good' teaching. Author Peter Westwood compiles a checklist that includes both instructional skills and humanistic traits, from which he develops a basic 'effective teacher' model. Westwood stresses, however, the importance of a teacher’s ability to respond outside such structures to meet individual student needs. The book provides theoretical background on teacher-centred and student-centred approaches to instruction, and seeks to assist educational professionals in identifying the needs of individual students and responding appropriately and effectively. View Article...

A whole school approach to assessing personal and interdisciplinary learning

Jennifer Bryce
A program has successfully trialled the assessment of cross-curricular learning among a group of secondary schools in Victoria, prior to the introduction of VELS – Synergy View Abstract...

Really learning with ICT?

Andrea MacLeod
Digital curriculum content provided by TLF goes through rigorous quality control, and school staff are welcome to contribute to the process through an online survey – Teacher View Abstract...

Toward inclusion of special education students in general education

Lorna Idol
The findings of a study in the USA support the inclusion of disabled students in mainstream classes – Remedial and Special EducationView Abstract...

New spaces for learning: developing the ecology of out-of-school education

Julian Sefton-Green
Out-of-school education is worthy of government support, but policy-makers must ensure that this does not compromise its diversity and flexibility.View Abstract...