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Promoting structural thinking in the early mathematics curriculum

Joanne Mulligan
A number of major studies have suggested that, given appropriate opportunities, young children can develop algebraic thinking from the early years of schooling. The recognition of pattern and structure underlying algebraic thinking has also been shown to be important in studies of young children's mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. This surge of new research has raised awareness among educators that young students can develop complex mathematical ideas much earlier than previously expected. View Article...

Making VELS work in secondary mathematics

Ian Lowe
An expert who has worked with the VCAA to refine maths standards suggests ways for teachers to approach the new Victorian curriculum – Vinculum View Abstract...

The School Assistance Act: a hindrance or a help?

Wendy Teasdale-Smith
The imposition of accountability measures threatens to make data a dirty word for schools and school leaders – Teacher View Abstract...

The long spoon: government funding of independent schools in Australia

Bill Daniels
Government funding to independent schools helps them to accommodate diversity and deliver quality services, but also brings risks to their autonomy – Independent SchoolView Abstract...

Change agents

Angela Rossmanith
Three Australian public schools have implemented innovative programs to respond to the needs of their school communities – Australian EducatorView Abstract...