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From national curriculum collaboration to national consistency in curriculum outcomes

Michael Watt
This week's article examines the influence of both outcomes-based and standards-based education on curriculum reforms in Australia. It compares developments in Australia with those in the USA and assesses whether the move towards greater national consistency in curriculum outcomes in Australia confirms the dominance of outcomes-based education or reflects a shift to standards-based education. View Article...

Bringing quantitative literacy into a reform-based curriculum

Jane Skalicky
A case study drawing on the Essential Learnings curriculum in Tasmania offers an effective way to assess numeracy – Curriculum Perspectives. View Abstract...

Neuroscience and education

John Hall
Attempts to apply the findings of neuroscience to education have generated myths and valid insights – Teacher. View Abstract...

God in the classroom

Nick Galvin
In New South Wales, secular ethics education is not permitted as an alternative to religious education classes, but the prohibition is now being challenged – Sydney Morning Herald.View Abstract...


John Gough
Rather than replacing the CSF, VELS augments it, making the larger, rounded, ‘big’ role of education explicit – Vinculum.View Abstract...