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Relational pedagogy: putting balance back into students' learning

Ray Boyd, Neil MacNeill, Greg Sullivan
This week in Curriculum Leadership three school leaders describe the Relational pedagogy approach to teaching and learning. Relational pedagogy is built on three practices. Reflective behaviours empower students to control their learning environment and take responsibility for their learning. Class meetings teach the principles of democracy and co-existence and help students learn interpersonal skills. Student-centred learning encourages a dynamic relationship between the student and the teacher where both can take on teaching and learning roles at different times. View Article...

Maths teaching for understanding

John Marshall
Children cannot truly grasp mathematical formulas and processes until they have built up their knowledge of underlying concepts – Phi Delta Kappan. View Abstract...

Maths reforms for high poverty middle schools

Robert Balfanz, Douglas J Mac Iver, Vaughan Byrnes
A reform program in the USA has addressed some of the key obstacles to improving student outcomes in high poverty settings – Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. View Abstract...

Evidence based practice: teachers as researchers

Wesley Imms, Christine Imms
Implementation of the six-step evidence-based practice (EBP) process requires teachers to have the skills and resources to negotiate the plethora of available information – 2005 AARE Conference.View Abstract...

Forging partnerships with institutions of higher education

Rob Imrie, Daniel Cowling
In Britain, Geography educators at a secondary school and at a university have collaborated to encourage students to continue the subject at tertiary level – Teaching Geography.View Abstract...