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Reforms to school governance in Victoria

Special report 
The new Education and Training Reform Bill currently before the Victorian Parliament seeks to consolidate and clarify the powers of school councils in government schools. It articulates clear objectives, functions and powers for school councils, as well as delineating the roles of councillors and principals. These legislative changes will be supported by complementary initiatives including simplification of council election processes, development of governance standards and a funding injection for school councillors’ training and support. View Article...

Success and wellbeing

Richard Eckersley, Ani Wierenga, Johanna Wyn
The Flashpoints & Signposts report describes research on the state of young people's health and wellbeing in Australia, noting common and divergent findings from different disciplinary perspectives – Youth Studies Australia. View Abstract...

Evaluation of school mental health promotion

Louise Rowling, Jo Mason
MindMatters, a key program for the promotion of mental health in secondary schools, has recently been evaluated through five studies – Australian Journal of Guidance and Counselling. View Abstract...

Multiple intelligences: fashionable or foundational?

Mennie Scapens, Deborah Fraser
Advocates of the theory of multiple intelligences present findings from a range of research reports to describe its application to the world of education – set: Research Information for Teachers.View Abstract...

Gateways to international leadership learning: beyond best practice

Allan Walker, Terrence Quong
Professional learning for school leaders should replace decontexualised models of leadership taken from the business world with well researched, reflective approaches developed by education practitioners to suit their own contexts – Education Research and Perspectives.View Abstract...