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In the Feature Articles section this week, Curriculum Leadership offers a platform to three pre-service teachers at the University of New England, Armidale. They contrast the representations of teachers in popular film to the one found in the NSW Quality Teaching Model, drawing on their work for Passionate Pedagogies, a core unit of their teaching course.

Teaching and the movies

Melissa Howarth
Passionate Pedagogies is a core unit offered to first-year students studying primary teaching at the University of New England. It focuses on films and images that portray stereotypical images associated with the profession, and aims to help pre-service teachers to recognise the typically romanticised view of the teacher within these media. View Article...

Deep-level comprehension of science texts

Rachel M. Best, Yasuhiro Ozuru, Michael Rowe
Science students, particularly at primary and middle level, need to be taught high-level reading comprehension strategies, and sophisticated methods are needed to match different students to different types of texts – Topics in Language Disorders. View Abstract...

Critical literacy in high school preparation language programs

Jennifer Alford
Foreign school students from non-English-speaking backgrounds should be exposed to the benefits of critical literacy teaching during high school preparation programs – Curriculum Perspectives. View Abstract...

Learning from a Nintendo Kid

Judith Kearney, Lisbeth Kitson
Aware of the popularity of computer gameplay among students in the middle years, Kearney and Kitson consider gameplay in the context of established literacy frameworks, with particular reference to the Four Resources Model – Literacy Learning: the middle years.View Abstract...

After third grade

Gina Biancarosa
The drop in the level of adolescent literacy achievement in the United States has resulted in much effort to improve research into adolescent literacy in that country. Biancarosa was part of one such research initiative, and in this article she shares some of the findings of that endeavour – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...