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Collaborating for school improvement

Allen H. Seed
The accountability and standardisation movement in the United States too often leads administrators and teachers to focus narrowly on test preparation rather than focus on robust teaching and learning. Teachers working together to improve their school is an idea whose time has come. View Article...

Principal selection

Jill Blackmore, Karin Barty
Principal selection procedures should be reformed to ensure that applicants are judged by a wider range of stakeholders in schools and in terms of a range of leadership capacities – 2004 AARE Conference. View Abstract...

Principles for literacy assessment

Peter Johnston, Paula Costello
Effective literacy assessment needs to move beyond students' skills and strategies, to evaluate their capacity for social interaction and resilience – Reading Research Quarterly. View Abstract...

Getting ICT into classrooms

Judy M. Parr, Viviane Robinson, Lorrae Ward
A New Zealand report finds that teachers’ use of ICT is heavily influenced by their definition of good practice and perception of their role – Computers in NZ Schools. View Abstract...

Teaching qualitative reasoning: portraits of practice

Richard Siegesmund
Qualitative reasoning, the ability to infer and communicate meaning, is most easily used in the arts curriculum, but Siegesmund encourages teachers to adopt it across the curriculum as a way of making their subjects more engaging and student-centred – Phi Delta Kappan.View Abstract...

Step ahead mentors

Pamela N Matters
Step ahead mentoring is the tendency of mentees to choose successful individuals who are just two or three years ahead in their own careers to guide their professional growth. Matters reports on a study in which these relationships were examined – Perspectives on Educational Leadership.  View Abstract...