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Reshaping Queensland's education and training system

Special report 
Queensland’s education and training systems are changing to give students more flexibility and better prepare them for the future. New laws and a fresh approach to the senior phase of schooling are set to provide more choices for students. Schools will work closely with students and their parents to help identify learning and career options. The changes are part of the State Government’s ‘learning or earning’ philosophy that will see young Queenslanders in education, training or work until they are 17 years of age. View Article...

Generation Lite is here

Baden Eunson
Material from the curriculum and teaching models of the 1960s should be reincluded in English classes, in a way that is relevant, interesting, motivating and enriching for students of the 21st century – The Age: Education. View Abstract...

Practices that support data use in urban high schools

Mary Ann Lachat, Stephen Smith
A longitudinal case study in the USA is examining data use by five disadvantaged, low-performing urban secondary schools – JESPAR. View Abstract...

Dimensions of teaching

Laurie Brady
Brady identifies and describes five dimensions of teachers’ practice as a contribution to the continuing discussion about the professional practices, attributes and knowledge required of teachers – Curriculum and Teaching.View Abstract...

Going beyond criteria for judging performance

Angela Scarino
Scarino dissects the assessment process to highlight the intersections between teachers’ professional judgements and their formulation, interpretation and application of assessment criteria – Babel.View Abstract...