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Implementing curriculum in South Australia: the SACSA Framework

Department of Education and Children's Services 
The South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability (SACSA) Framework is designed to support continuity of learning from birth to Year 12 and is organised around the eight Learning Areas. Key Ideas within each Learning Area describe the scope of the curriculum while Learning Outcomes describe student achievement. The Key Ideas and Learning Outcomes are written at Standards which represent the expectations we have for learners towards the end of Years 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Achievement of a Standard means that a learner has achieved all the Learning Outcomes for a particular Learning Area. View Article...

A to E student reports?

Anna Bligh, Andrew Blair
Two leaders in school education add to the current discussion about gradings in student reports – Professional Educator. View Abstract...

Neuroscience: the public agenda and misconceptions in education

Mark Beltz
More work is needed to establish the real educational implications of recent research findings about the human brain – AARE 2004 Conference. View Abstract...

Motivating maths? Digital games and mathematical learning

Margaret Scanlon, David Buckingham, Andrew Burn
A study finds that games on some educational websites do not offer sufficiently complex learning opportunities – Technology, Pedagogy and Education. View Abstract...

What’s the best path to excellent school leadership?

David Gamage
Gamage reports on research conducted in Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and the United States, which sought to ascertain the qualifications currently held by principals, and to discern the trends in principal qualifications and preparation in those jurisdictions – Principal Matters.View Abstract...

Post-school plans of junior secondary students: are they realistic?

Adrian Beavis
Adrian Beavis reports a on study into the post-school and career aspirations of socioeconomically disadvantaged, lower secondary students – Research Developments.View Abstract...