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Online curriculum content from The Le@rning Federation

Olivia Clarke
The Le@rning Federation (TLF) is an initiative designed to create online curriculum content and infrastructure to enhance teaching and learning in Australian and New Zealand schools. The latest online content from TLF contains a great diversity of new interactive multimedia curriculum resources to assist the work of teachers and support student learning in the P–10 years. View Article...

Leadership for inclusion

Mel Ainscow, Ian Kaplan
The principal of a disadvantaged school in England has achieved strong improvements in student outcomes by involving staff in school planning and target setting – 2004 AARE Conference. View Abstract...

The trouble with classroom competition

Susan Black
Competition between students should be reserved for elective activities out of the classroom – American School Board Journal. View Abstract...

School sport: marketing or education?

Peter Lennox
The educational benefits of school sport are threatened by the increasing use of sporting scholarships to attract students with outstanding skills – Independence. View Abstract...

Using ‘real world’ texts in the reading program

Lyn Tonkin
Participants in a South Australian teacher education course have created units of work for the classroom which rely on knowledge of students’ real world experiences, and seek to introduce students to different types of texts which relate to their lives – Practically Primary.View Abstract...

A rationale for cultural awareness in the science classroom

Genevieve Bardwell, Eric Kincaid
The authors describe a program in the United States which is preparing science teachers to teach in a more culturally inclusive manner – The Science Teacher.View Abstract...