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What can schools do? Knowledge, social identities and the changing world (part 2)

Lyn Yates
In the first part of this article, featured last week, Lyn Yates outlined a range of issues surrounding the school curriculum. This week in the second and concluding part of her article, she draws on her involvement in three major projects funded by the Australian Research Council to look at how these issues play out at the local level for schools and students. View Article...

Science awareness and scientific literacy

Leonie J. Rennie
The need to develop scientific literacy in the community has driven the development of two projects run by the Australian Science Teachers Association – Teaching Science. View Abstract...

Dancing outside the studio space

Felicity Mandile
The DANZ project has enabled Indigenous groups in Australia and New Zealand to develop dance sequences collaboratively using ICT – Teacher. View Abstract...

Bullying in schools and the National Safe Schools Framework

Ken Rigby
The National Safe Schools Framework provides a set of recommendations for reducing bullying in Australian primary and secondary schools – Teacher. View Abstract...

The secret to being a successful school in a disadvantaged setting

Chris James, Gerald Dunning, Michael Connolly
This article considers the efforts of successful schools in socio-economically disadvantaged parts of Wales, to discern how they were able to improve and sustain student attainment levels in the face of disadvantage – The Australian Educational Leader.View Abstract...

The importance of financial education today

Alan Greenspan
Financial education is a necessary part of the curriculum, given the increasing sophistication of the financial industry, technological changes, and the plethora of financial products and options available to consumers – Social Education.View Abstract...