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Empowering teachers for school improvement

Allen H. Seed
If we truly desire to improve our schools so that we encourage and retain highly qualified teachers, we must examine better ways to do things than script the curriculum and deskill teachers. Empowering teachers is an idea whose time has come. I have personally experienced the benefits of being included in the decision-making process of the school. While the results were impressive for us and our administrators, the results for our students were even more powerful. View Article...

Going to bat for standardised testing

Juliette Mendelovits
Good quality standardised tests offer real indications of learning and make ‘teaching to the test’ useful – EQ Australia. View Abstract...

Bell curves are for the birds

Douglas B. Reeves
The drive for standards in school education is best served by standards-based rather than norm-referenced assessment – EQ Australia. View Abstract...

England's education reforms: what can Australians learn?

Tony Boxham
Increasing standardisation and competition in Britain's school education sector might have implications for Australian policy makers and education professionals – Prime FocusView Abstract...

Customising the school for student learning

Graham Speight
The principal of a high school in Hobart’s northern suburbs describes the school's structural and cultural transformation in its bid to create a more ‘personalised school environment' – Principal Matters.View Abstract...