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The Guaranteeing Futures Area Taskforce Initiative in Tasmania

Special report 
The Tasmanian Government is setting up area taskforces aimed at improving post-compulsory education, training and employment opportunities for young people in the State. The taskforces, part of the Guaranteeing Futures Area Taskforce Initiative, will develop, implement and monitor action plans which support young people aged 15 to 24 to move from Year 10 towards meaningful participation in their communities as adults. View Article...

On the governance of public education

Richard Bates
The education system contains a tension between equity goals and competitively-defined criteria of academic success. A shift toward more social inclusiveness is needed in the governance of public education – Curriculum Perspectives. View Abstract...

Literacy's helping hands

Literacy development officers in New Zealand have moved beyond their core roles, to assist primary schools in the use of assessment data and in strategic planning – New Zealand Education Gazette. View Abstract...

Read them to teach them

Carol Ann Tomlinson, Kristina Doubet
This article surveys the work of four innovative teachers, and examines the features of their teaching which help them to make the connections between their students and the curriculum – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...

Adam’s story: managing the conflicting discourses of being a boy and being a student

Amanda Keddie
Keddie draws on the available research in gender and boys' education to shed light on the educational experiences of her case study, twelve-year-old 'Adam' – Primary and Middle Years Educator.View Abstract...