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Teacher librarians, an under utilised asset in schools

Sue Spence
The school library and its staff are significant school assets, and need to be considered as an educational investment rather than a cost. Many teacher librarians provide professional development activities in their schools and beyond. Their combination of expertise in literacy and information skills and knowledge of resources and pedagogy can offer invaluable support to hard-pressed teachers and principals. However, schools across Australia are inadequately staffed in terms of professionally qualified teacher librarians. View Article...

Numeracy across the curriculum

Steve Thornton, John Hogan
A numeracy project has engaged teachers in the ACT in action research to study the demands of, and opportunities for, numeracy across the curriculum – Conversactions conference. View Abstract...

Navigating to success with curriculum mapping

Pamela Morehead, Barbara LaBeau
Curriculum mapping provides a foundation for the integration of ICT into teaching and learning – New Century Schoolhouse Newsletter. View Abstract...

Teacher education partnerships between universities and schools in the USA

Roy Edelfelt, Charles Coble
Lessons can be drawn from a successful ongoing collaboration between 15 teacher training institutions in the USA – Journal of In-Service Education. View Abstract...

Marrying the professional and the domestic: perceptions of women principals in New Zealand

Wendy Moore
In this article Moore looks at what she describes as the effects of the 'triple shift' on a group of female primary principals in Auckland, New Zealand, and examines how these principals have to balance their professional and domestic responsibilities in their bid to fulfil the professional and social expectations on them – Perspectives on Educational Leadership.View Abstract...

Parenting, teaching and self esteem

Catherine Scott, Steve Dinham
The authors look to models of parenting to inform the relationships that teachers have with students, and find that there should be a balance between pastoral care and setting expectations for students – The Australian Educational Leader.View Abstract...