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Curriculum and assessment: closing the gap

Jane Weston, Martin Murley
Curriculum Corporation's 12th annual conference, Curriculum and Assessment: Closing the Gap, will examine the relationship between curriculum and assessment and propose that there is a need to close the gap. How can assessment sit more effectively inside the curriculum? How can it be integrated into good pedagogy, feeding back continuously into student learning, rather than being predominantly something that teachers do to students at the end of their learning? How can we close the achievement gap between social groups? View Article...

Tears for fears

Lisa Mitchell
With more teachers being bullied or attacked, efforts are needed to improve reporting mechanisms and other safety measures. – The Age: Education. View Abstract...

Broad-based collaborations in education: strategic coalitions

Debra Hayes
A project in Sydney, involving school, education system and university staff and community representatives, provides insights into the challenges and benefits of collaborative work – Conversactions conference. View Abstract...

Louder than words: how K–12 language teachers are meeting new challenges

John Franklin
This article looks at how teaching foreign languages has changed in the United States, and describes some of the ways in which educators are attempting to overcome the obstacles to students learning foreign languages in that country – Curriculum Update.View Abstract...

The return of the narrative

Jennifer Miller
Miller exhorts English as Second Language (ESL) teachers to use students’ personal narratives, such as those encouraged by journal writing, to assist them towards greater literacy ability in English – TESOL in Context.View Abstract...