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The Art of Teaching Science

Grady Venville, Vaille Dawson
The Art of Teaching Science is a new book on school science education in Australia. Each chapter has been written by leading science educators who have been deeply involved in school-based research, teaching and teacher education. These educators have translated the latest research findings into recommendations for practice. The book addresses contemporary reforms and offers an outcomes-focused, student-centred approach to science teaching. View Article...

Curriculum reform and PD in San Diego

Joseph A. Taylor, Janet Carlson Powell, David R. Van Dusen
A US program to reform teaching methods and curriculum in secondary school physics has been accompanied by extensive PD in inquiry-based teaching methods, and has addressed the needs of out-of-discipline teachers – The Physics Teacher. View Abstract...

TaLE: should sharing be limited?

Leslie Loble
The value of resources such as the NSW Teaching and Learning Exchange is being hindered by current IP laws – Unlocking IP conference. View Abstract...

The arts matter

Reg Newitt, Deidhre Wauchop
The authors of this article survey the findings of a plethora of reports on arts education in the Unites States, and also report on a study conducted in New South Wales primary schools on the benefits of arts education to student learning outcomes – Teacher.View Abstract...

Science management observation protocol

Victor Sampson
Sampson explains, in detail, the characteristics of inquiry-based science classrooms, and his Science Management Observation Protocol allows teachers to assess each other’s classroom management practices – The Science Teacher.View Abstract...