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International Conference on Thinking

Jane Stewart, Karin Morrison
The 12th International Conference on Thinking will be held in Melbourne, 4–8 July 2005. The conference includes a wide range of practitioner presentations from leading schools in Australia, New Zealand and other countries. It also provides an opportunity for principals, teachers and other education leaders to hear from cutting-edge thinkers, researchers and practitioners from other fields. View Article...

Study groups to enhance pre-service teachers' content knowledge in maths

Robyn Jorgensen
Study groups in maths for pre-service primary teachers have been found to develop their confidence, self-reliance and awareness of options for creative problem-solving.by primary school students – Mathematics Teacher Education and Development. View Abstract...

Coaching teachers to implement maths reform

Jeffrey Barrett, Jo Olsen
Also in Mathematics Teacher Education and Development, a study in the USA looks at whether coaching by experts can lead maths teachers to implement curriculum reforms in their classrooms. View Abstract...

Continuity and growth in education

Geoff Masters
Grouping students into age-based, mixed-ability classrooms, with students changing teachers each year, interrupts the work of building on students’ individual successes and in dealing with their academic or personal difficulties – Checking the Pulse conference. View Abstract...

No choice but success

Dick Corbett, Bruce Wilson, Belinda Williams
This article reports the findings of a research project which looked at how schools in culturally diverse and socially disadvantaged education jurisdictions in the United States attempted to overcome the disparity in educational achievement between students from high-income and low-income households – Educational Leadership.View Abstract...

National parks: natural havens for students' learning

Graeme Baxter
In this article, Graeme Baxter considers national parks as a setting for student learning, and advises teachers how to organise and plan student visits to those locations – Classroom.View Abstract...