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Developments in Queensland school education

Special report 
The Queensland Government has announced a range of reforms to school education. Some of the initiatives are part of the recently announced second phase of Queensland's Smart State strategy, and all the current innovations exemplify the Smart State approach. The developments include a new Queensland Certificate of Education for Year 12, a new P–10 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting (QCAR) Framework, two specialist academies for high achieving students, as well as new ICT investments, proposals to revise VET, and a survey of school leavers. View Article...

Writing professional standards for music teachers

Amanda Watson, David Forrest, Neryl Jenneret
The Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) has drafted professional standards for Australian music educators. The project has involved educators working in classroom music and instrumental music in schools, and studio music teachers. The project has also drawn on earlier developments of professional standards in English and Literacy, Mathematics and Science. The wider context of this work includes improved career paths for teachers, clearer long-term goals for professional development and greater responsibility within the profession for quality assurance. View Article...

School quality: school sectors and place

Jack Keating
The current system of school education aggravates inequalities in ‘social geography’. The quality of teachers and teaching should not be abstracted from social factors that weight them – Making Schools Better conference paper. View Abstract...

Caring and elementary teaching: the concerns of male beginning teachers

Paul Hansen, Judith A Mulholland
This article reports the findings of research into how male primary teachers ‘lived experience’ can contribute to an understanding of the notion of care, and the effects this understanding has on their perception and implementation of their roles – Journal of Teacher Education.View Abstract...

Embracing confusion: what leaders do when they don’t know what to do

Barry C Jentz, Jerome T Murphy
In this article the authors make the case for leaders to harness confusion by implementing the Reflective Inquiry and Action (RIA) model, which allows them to acknowledge their confusion about a problem and devise a means of understanding the problem with the help of others – Phi Delta Kappan.View Abstract...