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Coordinators supporting pre-service teachers and school-university partnerships

Rosie Le Cornu

The school coordinator – usually a principal or deputy principal – can play a key role in ensuring that practicum provides quality learning opportunities for pre-service teachers. Traditionally the coordinator's role has been seen as purely managerial and administrative, but recent research has found that the coordinator helps to monitor and assess pre-service teachers' practicum experiences, and provides pedagogical and pastoral support. A study in South Australia has examined the coordinator's pedagogical role. It shows how a small group of coordinators have contributed to the development of learning communities that unite the pre-service teachers with experienced school staff and university staff.

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A validity argument approach to evaluating teacher value-added scores

Heather T. Hill, Laura Kapitula, Kristin Umland

Researchers consider the degree to which value-added scores based on student performance match other indicators of teacher quality – American Educational Research Journal.

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Moving beyond readability

Pauline Moley, Patricia Bandré, John E George

Middle school students' motivation and engagement in English literature classes is affected by the way their texts are selected, and by their teacher's approach to instruction – Theory into Practice.

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Using encoding instruction to improve the reading and spelling of at-risk elementary students

Beverly Weiser, Patricia Mathes

A best-evidence synthesis is used to examine how encoding instruction develops students' understanding of the alphabetic principle, decoding skills, fluency, comprehension and spelling – Review of Educational Research.

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Developing vocabulary and conceptual knowledge for low-income preschoolers

Susan Neuman, Julie Dwyer

A design experiment has investigated how word learning and word organisation may be applied to vocabulary development among low-SES preschoolers – Journal of Literacy Research.

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