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Young gifted children transitioning to a formal learning environment

Anne Grant

The transitions between home, preschool and school are major steps in a child's life, and early learning experiences in a formal educational environment are acknowledged as formative, influencing later success at school. Yet, research within the gifted education field has paid scant attention to young gifted children. This article describes the findings from a study investigating the experiences of seven young gifted children as they adjusted to the formal educational environment of a preschool and the beginning grade of primary school. The study confirmed characteristically gifted behaviours among all seven children. It also identified preschool and school practices that either facilitated or hindered the children's adjustment to the formal learning environment.

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What we know about second language acquisition

L Quentin Dixon, et al.

A review has investigated second language learning from the perspectives of foreign language education, research on child language, socio-cultural studies, and psycholinguistics – Review of Educational Research.

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Effective grammar teaching in ESL and EFL contexts

Eleni Petraki, Deborah Hill

An Australian-based study has examined teachers' views on the place of grammar in language teaching – TESOL in Context.

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Science teacher learning progressions

Rebecca Schneider, Kellie Plasman

A review of science education literature examines typical progressions in science teachers' pedagogical content knowledge over the course of their professional careers – Review of Educational Research.

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Spotting foolbirds

Denise Ives

Students sometimes apply literacy skills and techniques for hidden, unsanctioned purposes in the classroom – Journal of Literacy Research.

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