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Identifying mathematics in children's literature: year 7 students' results

Pamela Perger

Children's literature is now recognised as a means to assist the teaching and learning of mathematics, although maintaining the integrity of both curriculum areas is a challenge for many teachers. One key issue is the level of support required by children to recognise mathematical concepts within the literature, and the sort of adaptations to text and/or illustrations needed for this to occur. This article presents the results of a study to identify the extent to which year 7 students could identify the mathematics in children's literature. The students showed that they could identify opportunities for mathematical learning present within selected children's books. In many cases they noted that these mathematical ideas were relevant to other curriculum areas and to life beyond school.

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Supporting beginning male teachers

Bruce Allen Knight, Teresa Moore

A survey in Queensland examines the views and experiences of early career male teachers – Improving Schools.

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Primary-secondary transition: differences between teachers' and children's perceptions

Keith J Topping

The author reviews 88 studies concerning students' transition from primary to secondary schooling, as perceived by students and by teachers – Improving Schools.

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Embedding literacy strategies across the middle school curriculum

Val Faulkner, Grace Oakley, et al.

A study in Western Australia examines ways to incorporate literacy instruction across subject areas in the middle years – Education 3–13.

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Rote is an essential feature of teaching and learning

Don Watts, Keith McNaught

Learning by rote provides a foundation for learning in the 'hard' subject areas of mathematics, the physical sciences, and languages – Professional Educator.

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