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How inclusive is year 12 mathematics?

Sue Helme, Richard Teese

This article examines year 12 students' attitudes to mathematics, their experience of the mathematics classroom and their views of teachers and their expectations of success, drawing from a longitudinal study of student achievement in Melbourne's northern suburbs. Despite a differentiated year 12 mathematics curriculum, there is evidence of inequity in students' experience of mathematics. Perceptions of mathematics classrooms and mathematics teachers, and expectations of success, vary according to subject, gender and social background. Implications for pedagogical and curriculum reform are discussed.

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Teaching chemistry in primary science

Keith Skamp

Students' learning about chemistry at secondary level is shaped by the concepts, and misconceptions, they develop during the primary years – teaching science.

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What every school leader needs to know about statistical literacy

Jane M. Watson

The capacity to interpret and represent quantitative data is an important aspect of numeracy relevant to all the core subject areas of the Australian Curriculum – Perspectives on Educational Leadership.

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Neuroscience and reading: a review for reading education researchers

George Hruby, Usha Goswami

Experts in literacy development and neuroscience review current knowledge about the links between brain research, reading processes and reading development – Reading Research Quarterly.

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Getting teacher evaluation right

Linda Darling-Hammond, et al.

Value-added models of teacher performance are misleading as measures of individual teachers' work, but helpful in evaluating wider, systemic interventions – AERA.

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