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New publications

Starting Out: Primary Mathematics

Len Sparrow, Paul Swan
Written for new and experienced teachers and teacher educators, this book covers practical aspects of teaching mathematics. Initial chapters cover starting at a new school and obtaining student information, and incorporating mathematics into class structure and displays. The authors then focus on lesson planning, maths activities to support cognitive development, methods for assessing student knowledge, integrating maths across the curriculum and reporting to parents. Mathematical jargon, equipment, books and a reference list of Victorian resources complete this book. Practical suggestions, teaching tips and blackline masters are included throughout (adapted from a review by Leicha Bragg, Lecturer, Deakin University, featured in Prime Number Vol 20 No 3, September 2005).

Key Learning Areas


Subject Headings

Mathematics teaching
Teacher training
Teaching and learning

Unequal Access to University Places: Revisiting Entry to Tertiary Education in Victoria

Daniel Edwards, Bob Birrell, Fred T. Smith
This report explores changes in the outcomes of Victorian Year 12 completers between 1993 and 2003. It is based on unpublished tertiary applicant data for all Victorian Year 12 VTAC applicants. The findings show that there has been a growing divergence in access to university places between those young people who attend Independent schools, many Catholic schools and some inner-city Government secondary schools, and young people who attend Government secondary schools elsewhere in Victoria. This divergence has worsened since the year 2000. The divergence in outcomes reflects a decrease in the number of university places being offered and an increase in the number of Year 12 completers applying for tertiary education. As a consequence, there is now increased competition for university places. Government school students have suffered the most in this increasingly competitive environment (from publisher's description).

Subject Headings

Educational evaluation
State schools
Private schools
Catholic schools
Secondary education
Tertiary education

School Leadership That Works: From Research to Results

Robert J. Marzano, Timothy Waters, Brian A McNulty
This book recommends leadership strategies to enhance student achievement. The authors draw on 69 studies conducted between 1970 and 2001 as well as a recent survey of more than 650 principals. Their findings make up the first section of this book, with practical applications detailed in the second. The authors outline key leadership responsibilities and their associated practices. See publisher's description, Chapter 1 and Epilogue, which are available free online.

Subject Headings

School principals
School leadership

Development and Management of Virtual Schools: Issues and Trends

Catherine Cavanaugh

This guide has been designed as a reference tool for administrators and teachers involved in distance learning. Chapters review best practice case studies from Canada, the United States of America, Australia and Singapore. Australian contributions critically examine administrative issues and course implementation within the virtual school context written by Monash University and the University of Queensland staff. Conception through to development, implementation and evaluation of both virtual schools and online courses are covered (adapted from publisher's description).


Subject Headings

Case studies
Distance education

Beginning Drama 11–14

Jonathan Neelands
David Fulton Publishers, January 2004

Focusing on the nature, purpose and practice of drama for 11–14-year-olds, this book outlines the roles, skills and knowledge needed to teach drama, and provides practical advice on planning, teaching and assessing drama activities. Readers can utilise suggested learning and activity objectives as well as lesson plans to help translate theory into practice (adapted from publisher's description).

Key Learning Areas

The Arts

Subject Headings

Teaching and learning
Arts in education
Curriculum planning

Out of Options: A Cognitive Model of Adolescent Suicide and Risk-Taking

Robert Kosky, Len Dalgleish, Kate Sofronoff
Cambridge University Press, November 2004

Written by academics from the University of Queensland and the University of Adelaide, this book addresses the topic of adolescent suicide, and covers new research on the overlap between suicidal behaviours and other forms of serious risk-taking. Both behaviours are examined, with findings presented as insights into adolescent motivation. The book outlines and evaluates a cognitive model that details the stages of progression through to potential suicide and risk-taking. This model highlights points of intervention, potential symptoms and the need to identify and target different problem areas for different individuals. Predisposing factors, emotional issues such as depression, cognitive variables and clinical implications are considered (adapted from publisher's description).


Subject Headings